It Came From the (Photo) Morgue! Judge Theresa Meikle

March is Women's History Month!

Judge Theresa Meikle, April 1, 1955.  (San Francisco News-Call Bulletin Photo Morgue, SFPL)
In 1955, Judge Theresa Meikle became the presiding judge of San Francisco's superior court - the first woman elected to such a position in any major American city.
And from an earlier article -
'Woman of the Day' - August 11, 1937
Judge Theresa Meikle
Because as a judge presiding over one of the departments of San Francisco's Municipal Court she proves that a woman can meet men jurists on equal grounds.
Because she deals with sordid problems, but never loses her ideals nor her confidence in human beings.
Because she is committed to enactment and enforcement of better laws for protection of rights of women and children.
[Image and captions: P459 Meikle, Theresa]

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