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Researching a San Francisco Building: Online Resources

Want to learn more about your home or apartment building? Do you walk down the street and wonder what businesses were there 100 years ago? Researching a San Francisco building is one of our more frequent queries in the San Francisco History Center . Our savvy archivists crafted this online guide to get building researchers started: How to Research a San Francisco Building . For this post, we culled through the guide to share pro-tips on what you can do online with our digitized content (as in how you can be a researcher from home). These resources include how to find built date, property owners, occupancy information and aerial photographs. Some digitized resources are open access and others require a  San Francisco Public Library card and PIN. These are the highlights to get you started from home. 1. San Francisco Property Information Map   ( open access) The San Francisco Planning Department's Property Information Map provides a single access point for a variety of useful

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