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Guest Blogger: Frightwig , feminism, and the riot grrrl movement of the 1990's

The Cecilia Kuhn Frightwig Collection is completed and available to researchers! A big thanks to Mac, our spring intern, who was a huge help getting this collection processed. Here are Mac's thoughts on Frightwig, feminism, and riot grrrls. Taken from poster from the Cecilia Kuhn Frightwig Collection, SFH 668 If the way the Frightwig women were expressing themselves confused some people, then they must have been doing something right. Frightwig is an all-women punk band from San Francisco that formed in 1982 with members Deanna Mitchell and Mia d’Bruzzi. Their feminist morals and their energetic live performances did not win the hearts of everyone, but the people who were fans were quite dedicated. Some people thought they were awful and not talented, while others understood their expression and why it was important. The Frightwig girls expressed feelings and emotions through their music that most women could relate to. Ideas of sexuality and femininity were challe

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