More San Francisco History Center Microfilm Digitized by Internet Archive

Microfilm enters the twenty-first century, as the San Francisco History Center continues to digitize its microfilmed versions of newspapers, journals, magazines, and other resources. In July, we featured building trades and real estate publications; this month, we highlight ethnic and cultural publications from 19th and early 20th century San Francisco. Below is a list of most-recently-digitized titles. The catalog records link to the full text on the Internet Archive. Thanks to the Internet Archive for continuing to partner with us!

1.       California Chronik
2.       The Elevator
3.       La Voce del Popolo 
6.       Daily Evening Picayune
7.       The Occident
9.       Weekly Gleaner

The Elevator, A Weekly Journal of Progress, May 12, 1865

If you're feeling old-school, please come visit the San Francisco History Center to view the microfilm on the microfilm reader.


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