Kalligraphia Spotlight: Sara Loesch Frank

This Saturday, artist Sara Loesch Frank will demonstrate "Decorated and Illuminated Initials"

Sara Loesch Frank
Sara Loesch Frank began calligraphy in public school art classes while studying for her Masters Degree in Art Education at the University of New Mexico. She received her degree in 1976 and moved to California, where she worked on illustrations and map labeling at Sempervirens Fund.

Ms. Frank joined the Friends of Calligraphy in the late 1970s and began teaching art and lettering for adult education classes. Her early calligraphy mentors include Peter Thornton, Ewan Clayton, David Howells, Ieuan Rees, Georgianna Greenwood, Carl Rohrs, Georgia Deaver, Stan Knight and Jacqueline Svaren, whose book she would turn to when baffled.

In 1999, one of her pieces was chosen to be shown at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. Two more pieces were selected for the Connecticut Conference "Writing Beyond Words." In 2001, she was awarded a year-long scholarship from the Academy of Art in San Francisco based on her calligraphic artwork shown at the San Mateo County Fair. Her calligraphy has been featured in  Letter Arts Review, Bon Appetit and B for Savvy Brides.

Sara Loesch Frank
Don't miss Sara Loesch Frank's demonstration "Decorated and Illuminated Initials" on Saturday, July 7 at 2 p.m. in the Latino/Hispanic Community Meeting Room, Lower Level of the Main Library. While you're here, come up to the 6th Floor for Kalligraphia 13, an exhibition of modern calligraphy by members of the Friends of Calligraphy, a non-profit Bay Area organization. Kalligraphia 13 will be on view in the Skylight Gallery on the 6th floor of the Main Library through August 26.