Eradication: Second Outbreak of Bubonic Plague in San Francisco

Until September 15, the San Francisco History Center is hosting an exhibition documenting the bubonic plague in San Francisco. The exhibit, Quarantine & Eradication: Plague in San Francisco, highlights how San Francisco reacted and responded to the bubonic plague outbreaks in 1900 and in 1907. Continuing from the blog post on San Francisco's quarantine on Chinatown during the first outbreak of bubonic plague in San Francisco, this post will highlight the second outbreak of bubonic plague in San Francisco. Similar to the first bubonic plague outbreak in San Francisco, there were mixed reactions - including denial and calling it the "fake plague."

As Susan Craddock notes in City of Plagues: Disease, Poverty, and Deviance in San Francisco,
“The second epidemic in San Francisco was different for a number of reasons. First, the role of the flea and the rat in plague’s epidemiology was fully understood. Second, the demographics of disease victims were almost mirror-opposi…

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Quarantine & Eradication: Bubonic Plague in San Francisco

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