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Researching a San Francisco Building: Online Resources

Want to learn more about your home or apartment building? Do you walk down the street and wonder what businesses were there 100 years ago? Researching a San Francisco building is one of our more frequent queries in the San Francisco History Center. Our savvy archivists crafted this online guide to get building researchers started: How to Research a San Francisco Building. For this post, we culled through the guide to share pro-tips on what you can do online with our digitized content (as in how you can be a researcher from home). These resources include how to find built date, property owners, occupancy information and aerial photographs. Some digitized resources are open access and others require a San Francisco Public Library card and PIN.

These are the highlights to get you started from home.

1. San Francisco Property Information Map(open access)
The San Francisco Planning Department's Property Information Map provides a single access point for a variety of useful property dat…

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