It Came From the (Photo) Morgue: Judo

March is Women's History Month!

The national celebration of Women's History Month originated in 1981. The Library of Congress shares the history of the presidents issuing proclamations to urge citizens to recognize and study the contributions of women to United States history.

What's on the 6th Floor will be paying tribute to the generations of women who have contributed to history.

Patrolwomen learning judo and self-defense, 1943
San Francisco News-Call Bulletin Photo Morgue
caption on the back: War Department women patrolmen are taught judo and other self defense tactics in the schooling preceding their assignment as guards at an Army installation. In the picture, Patrolwoman Ines McConnell is receiving a judo lesson from an Army instructor at Camp John T. Knight, Oakland, where a company of women patrolmen is stationed.
Official U. S. Signal Corps Photo, June 25, 1943
Box PxS 58; Folder: Women: Guards and Sentries

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