Poetry Month # 7: May Swenson’s “The Totem”

Poetry Month #8: Philip Lamantia’s “Voice”

Behind the Scenes: Preservation at the SFPL

Poetry Month #6: Man Ray’s “Sound Poem”

Preservation Week Clinic

This Old Book & This New Scanner, Saturday, 1-3pm

Poetry Month #5: Gertrude Stein’s “A Rose Is A Rose”

It Came From the (Photo) Morgue: Dick Clark

Poetry Month #4: Guillaume Apollinaire’s “Necktie”

The Poetry of Provenance, or, Where Did That Clipping Come From?

Poetry Month #3: Lewis Carroll’s “The Mouse’s Tail”

Spring Means Baseball and April Means Poetry

Poetry Month #2: Robert Angot’s “Lute”

Poetry Month #1: Guillaume Apollinaire’s “Il Pleut”